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Larry Abbott is the William Bloor Professor of Theoretical Neuroscience and co-director of the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at Columbia University. He received his Ph.D. in Physics at Brandeis University in 1977 and spent ten years working in theoretical particle physics. His research in neuroscience involves the mathematical modeling and analysis of neurons and neural networks, using analytic techniques and computer simulation to show how populations of neurons interact to produce functional circuits. The goal is to determine the mechanisms by which networks of neurons represent, store and process information. Previous research has involved examinations of the role of homeostatic plasticity, studies of spike-timing dependent synaptic plasticity, and development of the dynamic clamp. Current research topics include multi-timescale models of synaptic plasticity, analysis of network dynamics with applications to sensory processing and motor pattern generation, and modeling olfactory processing in the fly. Abbott is the recipient of an NIH Pioneer Award and is the co-authored of a widely used textbook on theoretical neuroscience.

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CUNY Graduate Center: The Brain and Smell

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