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Amanda Drury is a journalist and news anchor for CNBC, currently based in Manhattan, New York, United States, North America. She has appeared on various CNBC shows as an expert in finance and business. Previously based in CNBC Asia's headquarters in Singapore and then in Sydney, Drury relocated to CNBC's global headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey in May 2010 and is currently hosting a number of shows. She became the co-presenter of The Call (US version) in March 2011, joining Melissa Francis and Larry Kudlow, after Trish Regan's departure from CNBC US. Drury's expertise along with her good looks has catapulted her to favorable rankings since her move to the United States. According to Jeremy Pink of SVP Business News, CNBC: "Amanda is one of the smartest and most talented business news anchors anywhere in the world and we are very excited that she is joining our US team."

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