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Andrea is a research scientist in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and psychology, focusing mainly on creativity, intelligence, motivation, sociopathy, and x-altruism. She is also a behavior therapist and consultant, treating children and families with autism spectrum disorders, specializing in Aspergers Syndrome. Andrea is an Affiliate Scholar with the IEET, a public speaker, and a freelance science writer, appearing in publications such as Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Qualcomm Spark, and WIRED UK, among others.

3 Programs

The Science of When and Why the Rules Don't (Always) Work

06.11.14 | 00:23:07 min | 0 comments

Science of Motivation: How Gamification Drives Psychology

04.17.13 | 00:12:47 min | 0 comments

Design Your Life for Continuous Cognitive Enhancement

06.20.12 | 00:19:27 min | 0 comments