Speaker - Wendy Liebmann

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Wendy Liebmann is recognized as one of the innovators of shopper insights. In 1986, she founded WSL/Strategic Retail to “get marketers out of their ivory towers to meet their shoppers on the selling floor,” whether that floor is real or virtual. 

Ms. Liebmann and WSL/Strategic Retail are recognized for their ability to help clients build innovative retail strategies by understanding what influences how people shop in the United States and around the world—and how to utilize that understanding to drive innovation at retail. 

Since 1989, WSL/Strategic Retail has published How America Shops, an ongoing nationwide survey that tracks shoppers’ mood, mindset, and behavior to predict evolving shopper behaviors and where retail is headed. 

Ms. Liebmann is frequently called upon by the media to 
provide insight into the state of retail and shopping. 
She is a recognized speaker, regularly addressing business and educational organizations around the world. 

Ms. Liebmann holds a degree in business and psychology from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. 

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