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Arthur Orduna is presently Chief Technology Officer, Canoe Ventures, LLC.

Arthur Orduna manages the engineering and technology team for Canoe Ventures. He helps drive the creation of shared technology processes and standards for more robust audience targeting, interactivity and measurement. For more than 20 years, Arthur has worked in the media and interactive TV industries where he has helped develop critical initiatives with standard bodies, industry organizations and providers. He is an active member of SCTE, chaired the CableLabs Working Group, which developed the EBIF technical specification for enhanced television, and is a long-term advocate of open standards-based technologies and other cross-MSO projects. Before Canoe Ventures, Arthur was a Senior Vice President at Bright House Networks where he was responsible for leading the development of new technology-based products and services for video, high speed data, voice and wireless. In 2009, Arthur received the Individual Leadership Award of the 6th Annual Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television, which were presented at The TV of Tomorrow Show. This award is given to "an individual who demonstrated notable leadership in the interactive, multiplatform TV industry over the past year, and whose efforts helped move that industry forward." He is also a member of NAMIC and CTAM, from which he received a Rainmaker Award in 2005.

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