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Donald J.S. Brean is Professor of Finance and Economics in the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He has published extensively in books, academic journals, and business publications in economic policy, forecasting, financial analysis, taxation, international finance and investment, and industrial organization. He is Codirector of the G-20 Research Group, the world's leading centre for research of formal international political dialogue. He is immediate past Directeur, Centre d'Etudes de la France et du Monde Francophone. Professor Brean holds degrees from the University of Toronto and The London School of Economics. He has held senior appointments at, among others, Cambridge University, Ecole Superieure de Commerce Paris, and the University of Nairobi (Kenya). He is a member of The International Panel of Tax Experts of the International Monetary Fund. He has advised international agencies and governments including the European Community, UNDP, World Bank, and USAID. Professor Brean was Project Director of the research program Taxation in the Chinese Economic Transition for the Ministry of Finance, Beijing. Current research interests include international financial integration, national policy in view of the increasing mobility of capital, and structural adjustment in economies in transition. He is coauthor of International Financial Management: Canadian Perspectives, the authoritative reference in its field. In the area of finance and economic development, Brean is the editor of Taxation in Modern China, an influential research volume on fiscal aspects of China's economic transition. His recent work includes Bank Reform in China: What It Means for the World published by the Asia Pacific Foundation.

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