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A graduate of London's Royal College of Art, James Dyson was drawn to engineering principles from an early age. The company he founded in 1993 creates products—like bagless vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans, and high-speed hand dryers—that work in completely new ways. Dyson now employs 3,600 people and has sales of over $1.5 billion. James Dyson, whose first invention was a high-speed landing craft, describes his process as "Edisonian." In 1979, during a visit to a local sawmill, he noticed how large cyclones removed sawdust from the air. Frustrated with his vacuum cleaner's habit of losing suction as the bag filled, he went home and rigged it with a crude cardboard cyclone. Over 5,000 prototypes later, the Dyson DCO1 vacuum cleaner was launched and became a sensation. Today, Dyson is the market leader in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. James Dyson continues to work alongside his team of engineers and scientists, developing new technologies to solve everyday problems.

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The Secrets of James Dyson, Inventor Extraordinaire

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