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Dr. Jill Pruetz is the Walvoord Professor of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Anthropology) at Iowa State University. As a primatologist, Dr. Pruetz has studied the behavior of non-human primates such as chimpanzees, spider monkeys, howling monkeys, tamarins, patas monkeys, and vervets in various locales. She is interested in the influence of ecology on primate and early human feeding, ranging, and social behavior. She currently has an ongoing research project in southeastern Senegal to study chimpanzees in a habitat similar to that of early hominids.

2 Programs

Chimps vs. Humans: Successful Societies

12.11.12 | 00:23:23 min | 0 comments

Female in Evolution: Behavioral Q&A

04.28.12 | 00:21:10 min | 0 comments