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Renato Opice Blum is an attorney and economist. He is Digital Law coordinator of GVLaw and of the MBA on Electronic Law at Escola Paulista de Direito, and an Invited Professor at the University of Sao Paulo and Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He is President of the Council of Information Technology and Communication of the Commerce Federation of Sao Paulo/SP and of the Technology Law Committee of AMCHAM. He is an Advisor to the Committee of High Technology Crimes of the Brazilian Bar Association.

His international lectures include: Global Privacy Summit 2010, 73rd Conference of the International Law Association, ISSA International Conference 2010, HTCIA International Conference 2010, Inter American Bar Association: Reunin del Consejo y Seminario 2010, The Sedona Conference 2010 and the 3rd Annual Sedona Conference 2011, Seton Hall Law 2011 and the ABA 2011 annual meeting. He is co-author of the books Manual of Electronic Law and Internet and Electronic Law: Internet and the courts.

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Economic Espionage & Social Media

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