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Francois Grey is Professor of Distributed Scientific Computing at the Center for Nano and Micro Mechanics.

Francois Grey has helped to establish the new field of citizen cyberscience in China, through the CNMM project Computing for Clean Water in collaboration with IBM’s World Community Grid. Citizen cyberscience involves adapting scientific challenges so that non-expert volunteers can contribute computing power and brain power to solving them in a fast, low-cost and reliable way. Francois’ current interests include applications of citizen cyberscience to nanotechnology and biotechnology and geotagging.

Prior to joining CNMM in July 2010, Francois was a Visiting Professor and Senior International Expert with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), helping to establish the CAS@home volunteer computing project at the Institute of High Energy Physics of CAS in Beijing. He is currently a fellow of the Shuttleworth Foundation for his work in promoting citizen cyberscience in the developing world, and is coordinator of the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, a partnership between CERN, the UN Institute for Training and Research and the University of Geneva.

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