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Dr. Hill currently serves as the Executive Director of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, and has previously served as the Project Manager for Computational Neuroscience in the Blue Brain Project at the EPFL and with IBM Research. He has also supervised and led research efforts exploring the principles underlying the structure and dynamics of neocortical microcircuitry. Dr. Hill holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computational Neuroscience from Hampshire College (Amherst, MA), and a PhD in Computational Neuroscience from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). His PhD research focused on an investigation of the computational role of the auditory thalamocortical circuitry in the rat, which involved multi-unit recordings and large-scale neuronal simulations. After receiving his PhD, Dr. Hill held postdoctoral positions at The Neurosciences Institute of La Jolla, CA and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His research interests include the use of biologically-realistic models to study the role of emergent phenomena in information processing, network connectivity and synaptic plasticity in the central nervous system, from the neocortical column to the whole brain, and across different arousal conditions including waking and sleep.

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'Synapse' Pilot for Building an 'Information Commons'

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