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A licensed private investigator, Danno Hanks has worked for tabloid journalism outlets from A Current Affair to The News of the World and The Mail on Sunday, as well as Fox News over the last fifteen years. He came to journalism after a career in the underworld where he specialized in wiretapping and phone systems for large scale bookmaking operations. One of those operations was chronicled in a 60 Minutes segment where he and his late partner, Fred Valis, introduced themselves as "Vermin and Pestilence," who worked for Mafia criminal operations, while they supplemented their income as paid informants for the FBI. Hanks is a member of the Los Angeles Press Club. He describes in part what he did for the British tabloids and others on the website of the PBS Frontline documentary Murdoch's Scandal.

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Logan Symposium: The Murdoch Effect: News at Any Price?

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