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Olivia Swaak-Goldman is International Cooperation Advisor in the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. In this capacity she is responsible for the external relations of the Office. This includes securing the necessary cooperation from a variety of stakeholders, including states, NGOs and civil society. Olivia is responsible for the Office's interaction with the Court's Assembly of States Parties, the bi-annual strategic roundtable with NGOs and the Office's other engagements with external parties. Olivia is also involved in framing the strategies and policies for the Office and in the this regard was responsible for the Office's Prosecutorial Strategy for 2009-2012, the Office's Three Year Report of 2003-2006 and is currently preparing the Office's Five Year Report for 2006-2011. Olivia is the focal point in the Office for issues of International Humanitarian Law and Child Soldiers. Olivia has represented the Office on numerous occasions, including inter alia the Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law, the San Remo International Institute of Humanitarian Law's Roundtable, the NATO ACO-Allied Command Legal Conference and the International Bar Association's Expert Roundtable. Olivia also gives guest lectures at a variety of academic institutions, which have included the International Max Planck Research School on Retaliation, Mediation and Punishment, the Grotius Center at Leiden University and the London School of Economics.She has published extensively on areas of international criminal law.

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