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Willem van Genugten (1950) is Professor of International Law at Tilburg University and Dean a.i. of The Hague Institute for Global Justice. Further to that, he is Visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota, USA (since 2000) and Extraordinary Professor of International Law at the North-West University, South Africa (since 2008). He studied law (graduation in 1977, with distinction) and philosophy (graduation in 1985, cum laude). His first job was Head of the Studium Generale Office, Nijmegen University (1977- 1985), followed by the position of Lecturer in Theory of Law at Tilburg University. In 1988, he defended his Ph.D. thesis at Nijmegen University, where he became a Professor of Human Rights Law in 1991 (until 2006).

He also holds the position of Chair of the standing Commission on Human Rights of the Dutch government (since 2003, member since 1991) and of vice-chair of the Dutch Advisory Council on International Affairs, of which the Commission is a part (member since 2003, vice-chair since 2009); he is Editor of the Netherlands' School of Human Rights Research Series (since 1999) and the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law (since 2005); Chair of WOTRO, Science for Global Development (part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) (since 2006); Member of the Committee on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the International Law Association (since 2006); and Chair of the Royal Netherlands Society of International Law (since 2011).

In the past he has been Dean of the Law School of Tilburg University (2002-2004 and parts of 2010-2011). In addition, he has been Visiting Professor at the University of the North, South Africa (1996-2001); Chair of the Supervisory Council of a project on "Multinationals and Human Rights" (with participation by eleven Netherlands' based multinational enterprises) (1997-2000); Visiting Professor at Deusto University, Bilbao (1998-2000); Chair of the Board of the Netherlands School of Human Rights Research (1998-2008); Visiting Scholar at the Lauterpacht Research Center for International Law, Cambridge University (Oct. 2006); Academic Chair of the Hague Joint Conference on Contemporary Issues of International Law (2007); Program Chair of the biennial International Law Association Conference (The Hague, 2010); Chair of the Department of European and International Law, School of Law, Tilburg University (1998-2001 and 2005-2011).

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Confronting Complexity in the Hague

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