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Ajay Ramachandran is the Chief Marketing & Product Officer at Dynamic Signal. Ajay is a serial entrepreneur based in the Silicon Valley who has launched successful digital, mobile and social media agencies and several tech start-ups.

Ajay works closely with brands to help them align their strategy and marketing objectives with the rapidly growing opportunity of social media and to help them establish brand communities that reach large and targeted audiences. Ajay is an expert on social media ROI, earned media impressions and value, and can help a brand calibrate their investment in social media.

Dynamic Signal provides brands with a platform to identify, engage, measure & reward customers, advocates, fans and influencers while enabling them to become amplifiers for the brand. Our platform provides detailed tracking and analysis of a brand's earned media impressions helping brands unlock the potential of social media while enabling brands to have direct relationships with customers.

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L2: Vendor Mapping - Loyalty & Influence

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