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Vytas SunSpiral is a Senior Robotics Researcher in the Intelligent Robotics Group within the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center. He is currently developing smart, free-flying robots and spacecraft as well as biologically inspired approaches to robotic systems that interact safely with humans and the environment. Recently, he led development and field-testing of the Footfall Planning Software, which enables operators to plan walking sequences over complex terrain for the ATHLETE family of six-legged lunar robots. He graduated from Stanford University in 1998 and most recently took a 1.5-year break from NASA to be the CTO of Apisphere Inc, a Berkeley-based startup that built a cloud-based system for delivering location triggered services to mobile devices.

2 Programs

Biorobots: Dissected

10.28.15 | 01:03:53 min | 0 comments

Robots in Space

03.22.12 | 01:42:31 min | 0 comments