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Rocha's research interests and experience are centered on the evolution, phylogeography (or the geographic distribution of genetic lineages), biogeography, systematics and community and behavioral ecology of coral reef fishes. He frequently tries to combine these fields, invoking ecology to help explain evolutionary patterns and using molecular tools to test biogeographic and systematic hypotheses. The overall objective of this interdisciplinary research is to test existing hypotheses (and propose new ones) about what generates and maintains the extremely high biodiversity in tropical coral reefs.

Current projects include the investigation of processes of speciation in Indo-Pacific coral reef fishes. He is surveying 30 species across a wide geographical range (from East Africa to Hawaii), searching for geographic and ecological patterns of genetic variation that help explain speciation. This research is jointly funded by the National Marine Fisheries Service and the National Science Foundation.

Future research interests include speciation in tropical marine and neotropical freshwater fishes, evolutionary ecology of mimicry in fishes, molecular evolution of adaptive coloration in fishes and taxonomy and ecology of deep reef fishes.

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Diversity and Evolution of Coral Reef Fishes

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