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Professor Richard J. Evans FBA is Regius Professor of Modern History and President of Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge. 

He has lectured extensively all over the world at a variety of literary festivals and events, is widely published and is a frequent contributor to the broadcast media and the press.

He has been Editor of the Journal of Contemporary History since 1998 and a judge of the Wolfson Literary Award for History since 1993.  His most recent publication was the third volume of his monumental large-scale history of the Third Reich, The Third Reich at War, which was published in 2008.

Professor Evans's area of research interest lies predominantly in German history, especially social and cultural history, since the mid-nineteenth century.  He has worked on movements of emancipation and liberation, including the feminist movement and the labour movement, on social inequality in the urban environment, and on the social history of death and disease.  His work on the history of crime has involved examining literary discourses and their interaction with social models of deviance, both those articulated by the authorities and those lived by deviants themselves.  Since acting as principal expert witness in the David Irving libel trial before the High Court in London in 2000, his work has dealt with Holocaust denial and the clash of epistemologies when history enters the courtroom.

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Richard Evans: The Great Plague Lessons

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Sir Richard Evans: The White Plague

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Richard J. Evans: Syphilis - The Great Pox

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Sir Richard Evans: The Black Death

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Richard J. Evans: Decolonisation - The End of Empire?

03.27.12 | 01:00:17 min | 0 comments

Richard J. Evans: Empire - Exploitation And Resistance

02.28.12 | 01:00:23 min | 0 comments

Richard J. Evans: Empire - From Conquest To Control

01.24.12 | 00:55:42 min | 1 comment

Richard J. Evans: The Scramble for Africa

11.22.11 | 00:58:52 min | 0 comments

Formal and Informal Empire in the 19th Century

10.18.11 | 00:56:47 min | 0 comments