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Zack Zook took over as general manager of BookCourt three years ago, and while it was always expected he would one day run the family business, it was a bit of a surprise that Zook assumed the reins at the age of 20. During his tenure, Zook has expanded the events schedule; founded a literary journal, The Cousin Corinne, which will launch this summer; and assisted in the planning for an expansion that will double the store's space when it is completed in the spring.

Despite BookCourt's growth, Zook rails against the rise of chain retailers in general, which he blames for the demise of hundreds of independents over the past decade. BookCourt has avoided that fate because of a loyal following and the advantage it enjoys in owning its building, which has enabled it to thrive despite escalating Brooklyn rents and a nearby Barnes & Noble that opened in Cobble Hill in 2000.

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What Is the Future of the Independent Bookstore?

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