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Rachel Armstrong is an interdisciplinary researcher and sci-fi writer. She is a Senior Lecturer in Research & Enterprise at the University of Greenwich & Co-director of architectural research group, AVATAR. Her speciality is Synthetic Biology & Architecture.

Her pioneering collaborative work on the 'Future Venice' project proposes that it may be possible to stop the historic city from sinking into the mud on which its foundations are based, by growing an artificial limestone reef underneath it.

This could be engineered using 'protocells', a programmable, life-like chemical system that can make artificial shell-like material, as well as working symbiotically with the native wildlife in the Venetian waterways.

3 Programs

Humanity 2.0

10.06.11 | 00:31:06 min | 0 comments

Rachel Armstrong: Saving Venice with Living Architecture

07.07.10 | 00:03:58 min | 4 comments

The Philosophy of Organic Design

09.25.09 | 00:41:17 min | 1 comment