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Toby Rubin is ceo and founder of UpStart Bay Area. Toby's first career began as a civil rights attorney in Mississippi, advocating on behalf of students with disabilities in education matters. She continued this work in her own practice when she moved to San Francisco in 1981. At the end of eight years of litigation that included a favorable 8-0 decision of the Rehnquist led U.S. Supreme Court, Toby embarked on a second "career" in non-profit lay leadership.

Toby rose to hold the President or Vice-President position in eight local and national Jewish and secular non-profits and chaired the community-wide Teen Initiative of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco.

In 2002, Toby joined the Bureau of Jewish Education staff to direct the ti-ke-a Fellowship for Educators of Jewish teens. While at the BJE, Toby conceived and established two groundbreaking projects for the Bay Area: the Jewish Service Learning Project, (dedicated to helping Jewish community professionals integrate service learning into their program mix) and the Jewish Professionals Co-op, the precursor to UpStart. From 2006-2008, Toby served as Associate Director of the BJE.

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