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Osnat Zur is a senior program associate at the Center for Child and Family Studies at WestEd. In this capacity, she served as the lead researcher and author for the California preschool foundations in the domain of science, and for the state’s preschool curriculum framework in the mathematics and science domains.

She also developed assessment measures in cognitive development, math and science, for the Desired Results Developmental Profile instrument. Ms. Zur is a Developmental Psychologist, with expertise in children’s cognitive development, focusing primarily on the development of mathematical and scientific reasoning.

Ms. Zur graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology in 1995, and with a Doctorate degree in Developmental Psychology in 2003. Zur’s dissertation, “Young children’s understanding of arithmetic principles: The Commutativity and Inverse principles,” won the UCLA Miller Madsen Dissertation Award in developmental psychology. Prior to her current role at WestEd, Ms. Zur served as the director of Research and Evaluation at Los Angeles Universal Preschool (LAUP).

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TK Implementation: Standards and Assessments

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