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Samuel Avery holds a bachelor’s degree in religion as well as a master’s degree. He has taught university level courses and has practiced meditation daily for forty-one years. Samuel has written a series of articles and books on the relationship of physics and consciousness to each other, including the books Transcendence of the Western Mind and The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness. Since 1973 he has lived with his wife on a small farm on the banks of the Nolin River in central Kentucky. He has wandered to Europe, Russia, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean, but always found his way back to the farm. When not writing, he is usually outside, walking, planting, building, gathering firewood, or sitting quietly. In the summer the deer reach over the fence to nibble apple branches. In the fall, the leaves dry and rustle through the open barn door. When it rains, he sits under the porch roof.

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Mass the Second Time Dimension: Physics Without Matter

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