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Ashok Narasimhan graduated in Physics and then after doing his MBA, has been an entrepreneur all his life, as the Founder/CEO/Chairman of several billion dollar companies initially in India and then in the US. He is also an active investor including directly, through angel investment groups and as a limited partner in leading VC firms. He is also on the Boards of several private and public companies in India and the US. He is also on the Board of Trustees of non-profit / community service organizations, including the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Throughout his life, he has been deeply interested in advaita / non-duality, sparked by being fortunate enough to have been able to spend time with Nasargadatta Maharaj in Bombay in the early and late 70’s. A particular area of his interest has been to understand the overlap of the disciplines of classical physics, quantum theory and epigenetics with the advaita/ non-dual view of life and consciousness. He means to remain a student for the rest of this physical manifestation.

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