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Peter Williams founded "fabulously British" lifestyle brand Jack Wills in 1999. Together with Robert Shaw, Mr. Williams scraped together the money to open the first shop in Salcombe, Devon—creating a dynamic fashion business catering to university students, ages 18-21. The Jack Wills brand, known for its classic British prep overlaid with cool modernity, now has 54 stores worldwide, including 11 in the United States, with expansion set to continue. This year’s sales are expected to exceed $200 million.

As Chief Executive Officer and majority shareholder, Mr. Williams remains closely involved in all areas of the business and actively breeds a culture of relentless innovation—insisting on a true passion for the brand among those who work for him. He believes in combining young talent with world-class management—evidenced by the presence of Rose-Marie Bravo and Peter Saunders on the board as non-executive directors.

In 2008, Mr. Williams founded Aubin & Wills, a sister brand to Jack Wills aimed at the life stage following Jack’s. He is a great believer in building deep and meaningful long-term bonds with customers; Aubin & Wills manifests itself as the continuation of the relationship established through Jack Wills.

Mr. Williams has continually been at the helm of brand communications for both brands; an early advocate of viral marketing, he is passionate about projecting his brands via social media and is considered to be at the leading edge of multichannel and viral marketing.

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