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Tim is Chief Scientist of the Pacific Social Architecting Corporation, a San Francisco-based research and development firm focusing on the development of technology to conduct large-scale social shaping with swarms of bots online. He was formerly a strategist and analyst at The Barbarian Group, an interactive marketing agency, and was a researcher for the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

Tim is also the co-founder of the Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences, an international community of micro-philanthropy devoted to supporting the interest of awesomeness in the universe. For his work, he has appeared in The New York Times, Wired Magazine, and The Washington Post, among others. He tweets regularly @timhwang, and blogs somewhat less frequently at

1 Program

L2 Innovation Forum 2011 (Module 1)

11.10.11 | 01:27:31 min | 0 comments