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Bill Joy joined KPCB in 2005 as a Partner in KPCB's Greentech Practice. He helped develop KPCB's strategy for addressing the twin problems of climate change and sustainability. Joy was previously a founder and Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems.

Before co-founding Sun, Joy designed and wrote Berkeley UNIX, the first open source operating system with built-in TCP/IP. In 1995 he installed the world's first citywide WiFi network in Colorado. His many contributions were recognized in a FORTUNE cover story that called him the "Edison of the Internet."

3 Programs

Energy: Finding the Right Mix

10.26.11 | 00:47:53 min | 0 comments

Bill Joy in Conversation with Brent Schlender

02.11.09 | 00:59:56 min | 2 comments

Technology and the Global Economy

07.07.06 | 01:16:21 min | 0 comments