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Mark Bonchek is Senior Vice President, Communities and Networks for Sears Holdings, responsible for reinventing the companies' iconic brands through the power of social media and social business. As an entrepreneur, innovator, and social architect, Mark has designed collaborative communities for such organizations as McKinsey & Company, IBM, Manpower, The Economist, and the U.S. Department of Education.

Mark earned his Ph.D. in Political Economy from Harvard University, served as a Research Associate at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and holds an A.B. in Economics from Princeton University. His current interest is the implication of neuroplasticity on learning and education.

2 Programs

Leading Large-Scale Change: Lessons from the Arab Spring

10.25.11 | 00:16:40 min | 0 comments

Leading Large-Scale Change: Network-Centric Warfare

10.25.11 | 00:16:22 min | 0 comments