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Fabien Cousteau is a third generation explorer, environmentalist and filmmaker. He co-launched Natural Entertainment, which is working on numerous projects related to explorationand environmental awareness through television and other media. Living a childhood dream of "becoming a shark", Fabien orchestrated a three year long project resulting in an extensive expedition to study the much feared great white shark in his innovative and unique shark shaped submersible. The result was a primetime show on CBS entitled "The Mind of a Demon" ( ). In 2006, Fabien once again partnered with his father, Jean Michel Cousteau, and sister Celine to complete a three year multi hour series for PBS called Ocean Adventures ( Topics explored ranged from the Grey whale migration of the west coast of the Americas to the magical coral spawning of the Caribbean to diving with squadrons of goliath groupers to the ghost ships of the Great Lakes. Additional hours cover exotic places such as the Amazon, Samoa, Christmas Island, Papua New Guinea, the Arctic and many other wonders of nature. The most recent expeditions covering the topics of Belugas, Orcas and man started airing on PBS in April of 2009. Fabien keeps his personal life similarly involved in projects like his new initiative to actively involve the public in undersea restoration initiatives coupled with government protection of the restored areas. Deeply concerned about the well-being of future generations, he is on the board of the New York Harbor School ( where he volunteers his time to empower youth about the water world. Being part of the Water Innovation Alliance (, Fabien brings attention about water issues to business executives in order for them to make better, more informed decisions. Believing that the visual medium are the best way to reach and entrance the masses he lends his support as a board member to the Blue Ocean Film Festival ( Fabien also partners with outside initiatives such as Save Bimini ( in an effort to impassion people into changing the tide of current events that threaten to blindly destroy the environmental wealth of our future generations. His most recent, and perhaps most ambitious, endeavor is creating a new foundation committed to educating the public on the alarming need to restore our marine habitats. The Plant-a-Fish Initiative will spearhead public education programs as well as guiding large environmentally sensitive corporations with a genuine commitment to making the world a healthier place for mankind. An active writer, he is currently working on a children's book trilogy. Fabien has been seen on network television, the Oprah Winfrey Show, and as a regular guest/contributor to NBC's Today Show. Additionally, he is a sought after speaker at a variety of foreign and domestic environmental and water conferences.

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