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Marty Tenenbaum is the Chairman of CollabRx, a provider of Web-based applications and services that help cancer patients and their physicians selectoptimal treatments and trials. Dr. Tenenbaum is also the founder of CancerCommons, an open science community that compiles and continually refinesinformation about cancer subtypes and treatments, based on the literature andactual patient outcomes.

Dr. Tenenbaum was educated at MIT and Stanford in the 1960s. He spent the 1970s doing artificial intelligence research at SRI, the 1980s managing computer science research for Schlumberger, and the 1990s pioneering Internet commerce. He is a fellow and former board member of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, and a former consulting professor of Computer Science at Stanford. He currently serves as a director of Patients Like Me, the Public Library of Science, Efficient Finance, and Earth Analytics Group.

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Re-Designing Pre-Competitive Drug Discovery

04.21.12 | 00:55:33 min | 0 comments

Open Medicine and Clinical Trials 2.0

10.23.11 | 01:51:10 min | 0 comments