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Jeff Foster graduated in Astrophysics from Cambridge University in 2001. Several years after graduation, following a period of severe depression and illness, he became addicted to the idea of "spiritual enlightenment" and embarked on an intensive spiritual search which lasted for several years.

The spiritual search came to an absolute end with the clear seeing that there is only ever Oneness. In the clarity of this seeing, life became what it always was: spontaneous, clear, joyful and fully alive, and Jeff began to write and talk about "nonduality" (which he often calls "the utterly, utterly obvious").

He holds meetings and retreats in the UK and Europe, clearly and directly pointing to the frustrations surrounding the spiritual search, to the nature of mind, and to the Clarity at the heart of everything. His uncompromising approach, full of humor and compassion, shatters the mind's hopes for a future awakening, revealing the awakening that is always already present, right in the midst of life.

3 Programs

Tami Simon: A Nondual Celebration of Human Development

10.28.12 | 01:00:44 min | 0 comments

Duality, Nonduality, and the Deepest Acceptance of Life

10.22.11 | 00:33:48 min | 0 comments

Possible and Impossible: Approaches to Freedom

10.21.11 | 01:03:02 min | 0 comments