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Peter Francis Dziuban (pronounced Juban) is an author and lecturer on spirituality and nonduality, although he prefers not to be placed in any category or tradition. Peter's work speaks from the perspective of nondual Infinity. It places particular emphasis on the fact that all that is, the entirety of existence, actually has had no prior history of being. While it may appear as if there has been a past and a continuity of time, Life actually is brand-new, or history-less, with nothing prior having occurred, not even Life Itself or Awareness have been before. Here, there are no categories; there really has been no prior background of traditions, and no one to label things as such. There is only pristine, pure, never-before-ness.

Peter's book, Consciousness Is All, and other writings are a thorough examination of this subject, with an experiential bias, enabling readers to experience for themselves. He lectures around the country and maintains a website and blog, Reality He is currently doing new writing on the never-before-ness of Life.

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How Old Is Awareness?

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