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Ken Wilber is the world's leading "integral"philosopher. The author of such titles as A Brief History of Everything (1996) and A Theory of Everything (2000), his philosophy integrates body, mind, soul, and Spirit with self, culture, and nature. Integral philosophy is rapidly becoming a powerful presence in fields as diverse as politics and spirituality, psychology and business, medicine, and art. Revered as the "Einstein of consciousness," Wilber has written sixteen books exploring different facets of human development and cultural evolution.

His first book, The Spectrum of Consciousness (1977), written when he was only 23, became a seminal text in the emerging field of transpersonal psychology. His most recent book, Boomeritis (2002), is a novelized critique of our postmodern culture and a call to move to a higher, more integral relationship to life. He is currently finishing the third volume of his Kosmos Trilogy, the most up-to-date summation of his continually evolving philosophy. In 2000, Wilber founded the Integral Institute to support and promote integral thinking.

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The Evolution of Enlightenment

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