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On the surface, Rye Barcott may seem a man of contradictions: a Marine and a peacemaker, a social entrepreneur and a businessman. But, at its core, his mission is resolute and converges across sectors: to connect talent with opportunity, to spark change from within.

In his internationally acclaimed book, It Happened on the Way to War, Barcott takes readers into the worlds of community development in Africa and counter-insurgency in the Marines as he experienced them simultaneously. Eschewing old notions of top-down, command-and-control management, he shows the impact that small, diverse teams of citizens from unlikely places can make.

Barcott was recently named to the World Economic Forum's Class of Young Global Leaders, joining such distinguished young leaders as Alexandra Cousteau, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mark Zuckerberg. He has delivered featured presentations at venues ranging from the TED Conference, US Congress, and Clinton Global Initiative to Best Buy Headquarters, Amazon's Fishbowl, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Rye Barcott: It Happend on the Way to War

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