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Bentinho Massaro started seeking for Enlightenment around the age of 16. He did so by intensely seeking for some kind of permanent state and hoped to attain that through reading a lot of books, meeting teachers, going to India and practicing all kinds of meditations. In a sense he never succeeded in his quest for 'enlightenment', and yet he discovered exactly what he was actually looking for... He noticed directly more so every single day, that every single one of his experiences never really left a mark anywhere. Nothing ever sticks in this natural space of being. Every experience was recognized to be an effortless, translucent coming and going within awareness. Even 'enlightenment' turned out to be an idea coming and going intermittently, with no actual reality to it other than being a thought arising in what is truly always present... Awareness.

The freedom that this recognition released, became more self-evident by the day, and so continuously subtle ideas and mis-perceptions started to dissolve in this clear light of awareness. The seeking-tendency relaxed as well, since it was now obvious that there had never been any other place, state or experience, than this natural presence of awareness. Nothing is ever known outside of this moment, and so there was nothing to achieve outside of this moment. The imaginary sense of separation, also dissolved. Now every experience is naturally pervaded by the loving presence of free awareness.

2 Programs

Non-Duality and Freedom in Every-Day Life

10.23.11 | 00:40:24 min | 0 comments

PANEL with: B. Massaro, J. Zandi, K. Johnson

11.30.10 | 00:54:53 min | 0 comments