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For thirty-one years Kenny Johnson's most fervent desire was to hear his name "ringing in the streets" as a hustler, thief, and pimp. Beginning in his early teens, he was arrested thirty-seven times and spent the majority of those years in prison. Running parallel with that desire was a persistent seed of spiritual longing that would not leave him alone. In 1995, while still behind prison walls, Kenny experienced a spiritual awakening so profound that it transformed not only his prior conditioning as a criminal but his very field of consciousness. In the vast stillness that overwhelmed his mind and heart, he witnessed with intimate clarity the bondage the entire human experience is subject to and exactly where eternal freedom can be found. As a speaker and an author, he now shares that understanding intimately with his audiences. Kenny is currently the founder of "This Sacred Space," a non-profit organization that facilitates meditation and self-inquiry groups both in and out of prisons. Kenny is the author of the newly relsead book "The Last Hustle".

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Creating a Sacred Relationship

10.23.11 | 00:29:08 min | 0 comments

PANEL with: B. Massaro, J. Zandi, K. Johnson

11.30.10 | 00:54:53 min | 0 comments