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James Altucher has built and sold 3 businesses. And maybe failed at 16 others. He’s traded successfully for several hedge funds and ran a fund of hedge funds which he was fortunate enough to unwind right before the housing collapse. He makes angel investments with a group of other investors through Formula Capital. He’s written seven books, has written for the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. He blogs at where he confesses most of his sins and hopes that people forgive him.

His latest book, I Was Blind But Now I See was an Amazon bestseller, beating out Joel Osteen’s latest book, for fifteen seconds. But everyone in this audience gets it for free. He receives, on average, one death threat a week. He doesn’t have a driver’s license but in his pocket right now are the keys to his car. He has written about why nobody should ever buy a home but he owns a home. He has written why nobody should ever go to college but he went to college. He’s bullish on the stock market but advises people to never own stocks. He thinks Shakespeare is in the bottom 10% of all writers and should not be studied in school.

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