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Bob Tinker has, for thirty years, pioneered innovative approaches to education that exploit the power of technology. He invented the idea of using probes, including the ultrasonic motion detector, for use in education. He was the first to use networking to permit students to collaborate on dispersed science investigations.

Fifteen years ago he started the nonprofit Concord Consortium to concentrate on innovative applications of technology in education. The Consortium specializes in online learning, the use of sophisticated simulations in science, probeware and handhelds, and applications of these technologies to pressing educational issues. A decade ago, it developed the first Web-based teacher enhancement program where the need for moderators and online moderator training was first developed.

He led the team that originated the Virtual High School and created the teacher professional development model that it uses. He has led the development of computational models that are widely used in education, including the award-winning Molecular Workbench.

A common thread of technology, innovation, social need, and potential impact runs through all his work. Bob earned his PhD in experimental low temperature physics from MIT and has taught college physics for ten years.

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Lunch & Keynote Speaker Bob Tinker

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