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Celine Rattray has always been stubborn. At 15, she rented a room with another family rather than move from London to Bermuda, where her father had a new position. “My parents thought it was the worst trait when I was a child,” Ms. Rattray says. “They laughed when I found the one job where being stubborn is a good quality.” With Plum Pictures, she applies her tenacity to the indie film industry. Despite daunting odds, Ms. Rattray worked tirelessly to snag a spot for Plum’s first feature, Lonesome Jim, at 2005’s Sundance Film Festival. The 5-year-old firm has sent six more films to Sundance—including Grace Is Gone, starring John Cusack. The movie sold for $4 million last year—twice its budget—and earned two Golden Globe nominations, though box-office sales disappointed. Not slowing down, Plum is now developing a Theodore Roosevelt biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese and negotiating the sale of two movies shown at Sundance 2008. Ms. Rattray studied philosophy and mathematics at Oxford University, intending to pursue a career in finance. She honed her business skills as a consultant in McKinsey & Co.’s media and entertainment practice and as a founding director of HBO on Demand. Even though her first on-set job involved cleaning up after actor Chris Penn, Ms. Rattray fell in love with filmmaking. The executive works 12-hour days so that she can be available on both New York and L.A. time. “I have never met anyone who works harder, cares more or fights harder,” says Galt Niederhoffer, who founded Plum Pictures with Ms. Rattray and Daniela Taplin Lundberg, when all were under 30. “She is a force.”

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