Speaker - Ann Laidlaw

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Ann Laidlaw is a Textile Color Supply Chain Manager at X-Rite Inc. Ms. Laidlaw works with textile and apparel supply chain accounts and is responsible for supporting users and colleagues, and for investigating innovative applications of color management for textiles and related industries.

She is an active member of ISCC, CORM, SPE, and DCC and has served on the boards of ISCC, AATCC, and CORM. She currently serves as ISCC Secretary. She the former chair of both AATCC's Color Measurement Test Methods Committee and the C2C Interest Group. Ms. Laidlaw is a frequent lecturer at industrial short courses and webinars. She is interested in color communication, color difference metrics, sample measurement issues, and how to squeeze maximum benefit out of these solutions for retailers and their supply chains.

Ms. Laidlaw received a B.S. degree in textile science from University of California Davis and an M.S. in color science from Clemson University. She worked for Burlington Industries, SheLyn, and GretagMacbeth prior to acquisition by X-Rite Inc. in 2006.

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