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José Gómez-Márquez is the program director for the Innovations in International Health (IIH) initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and cofounder of LDTC+Labs, a design and strategy consultancy for international development technology. Among the projects under his technology practice at IIH is the Aerovax Drug Delivery System, a device for mass delivery of inhalable drugs and vaccines to remote populations. His IIH invention portfolio also includes SafePilot, a wireless cane for the blind, and most recently, the X out TB program, which aims to increase tuberculosis-therapy adherence in developing countries using novel diagnostics and mobile technology. Recently, the group has developed the MEDIKit, a series of design building blocks that empower doctors and nurses in developing countries to invent medical technologies. The lab’s work has been profiled in Discover, Wired, and The Economist. Gómez-Márquez is also an instructor of MIT’s D-Lab: Health, a course on designing global health technologies.

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MakerNurse: The Stealth Ingenuity of Inventive Nurses

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Jose Gomez-Marquez: DIY Medical Technology

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