Speaker - Kes Sampanthar

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Kes Sampanthar leads the media strategy team and innovation lab at Cynergy Systems, an award winning concept, design and development agency. He has over 15 years in the software industry moving from academic research in artificial intelligence to developing engaging applications for the media and entertainment industry. He is a game designer and award winning inventor of ThinkCube; an innovation game/tool for businesses. His latest research into game design, neuroscience, behavioral economics and paleoanthropology has lead to his development of a ‘Motivational Design Framework’ that has been used to create engaging experiences for some of the largest web properties; most recently eBay.

3 Programs

Motivational GPS: Understanding the Science of Motivation

06.21.12 | 00:21:53 min | 0 comments

Gamifying the Enterprise: Performance Enhancing Games

09.15.11 | 00:55:59 min | 0 comments

On the Front Line: The Best and Worst of Gamification

01.20.11 | 00:31:02 min | 0 comments