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Constructing a Personal Media Day: Switching Between Work and Play on a Laptop Computer. Familiar technology — laptops, tablets and smartphones — increasingly consolidate very different media experiences on single devices. With the availability of a broad range of content on one device, and pause buttons that allow easy switching between work and play, we are now able to experience radically different material without sensing that we’ve missed a thing. Our research group has been tracking how people use personal laptop computers by examining moment-by-moment changes in activity over the course of multiple days.

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Byron Reeves: Constructing a Personal Media Day

04.16.15 | 00:28:12 min | 0 comments

Fun at Work: Gamification and Increased Productivity

06.21.12 | 00:28:50 min | 0 comments

Gamifying the Enterprise: Performance Enhancing Games

09.15.11 | 00:55:59 min | 0 comments