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Dr. James Gardner is the Chief Strategy Officer at Spigit. Dr. Gardner is the author of a number of books including “Innovation and the Future Proof Bank”, “The Little Innovation Book”, and is finishing his most recent work entitled “Sidestep and Twist.” He is also the author of widely read blogs Innovator Inside & BankerVision and was nominated as the most “social media aware” executive in UK financial services in 2010. Dr. Gardner completed his doctorate in Innovation Management in Australia and moved to the United Kingdom in 2004.

3 Programs

Innovative Gamification for Banks and Government

06.21.12 | 00:25:18 min | 0 comments

Gamification Summit Q&A Session

09.16.11 | 00:20:16 min | 0 comments

James Gardner: Innovate with Gamification

09.16.11 | 00:16:09 min | 0 comments