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A scientist, explorer, wildlife correspondent, anthropologist and inspirational speaker, Dr. Mireya Mayor, a Ph.D. in anthropology, has reported on wildlife and habitat issues to worldwide audiences for more than a decade. Once a city girl and former Miami Dolphins cheerleader who had never been camping, Mayor has since found herself sleeping in a rain forest hammock amid poisonous snakes; being charged by gorillas, chased by elephants, pawed by leopards; scaling rocky cliffs; and diving with great white sharks after a college anthropology class inspired her to study the natural world. Mayor now dedicates her life to studying rare primates in the wild throughout the world and working closely with local populations. She obtained her Ph.D. in anthropology from Stony Brook University in New York, and is a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow and a Fulbright Scholar. Mayor’s true passion is to report to audiences worldwide on pertinent wildlife and habitat issues. She is a two-time Emmy Award-nominated field correspondent for National Geographic’s Explorer and will be featured in the world premiere special Mystery Gorilla and the upcoming series Wild Nights for the new Nat Geo Wild network, launching in spring 2010.

Often described in the media as “a female Indiana Jones,” Mayor is not your typical scientist. She is one of a handful of scientists to perform critical study on the highly endangered lemur, and while exploring the backcountry of Madagascar, she discovered a new species of lemur. Her work with this rare primate inspired the prime minister of Madagascar to establish a national park to help protect the new species.

Mayor divides her time between research in the rain forests of Madagascar, lecturing at schools and universities, and traveling the world as a wildlife correspondent. And when not deep in the jungle or on assignment, Mireya lives in Miami with her supportive and loving husband, Roland, and their two young daughters, Emma and Ava. They share their home with an ever-growing menagerie of wonderful creatures.

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