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Rob Nail is Associate Founder and COO of Singularity University. Nail attended the 9-day Executive Program of Singularity University in February 2010 and was blown away! He subsequently joined forces with the Singularity University team as an Associate Founder and currently functions as the Chief Operating Officer and GSP11 Director.

When not cheerleading for the team, he is masterminding a forum to catch and propel the amazing ideas and people that come out of SU. If he's not doing that, he's riding something, building something, starting something, or advising something.

Prior to Singularity, he co-founded Velocity11 in 1999, building automation equipment and robotics for cancer research and drug discovery. After being acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2007, he traded the CEO role for a General Manager role attempting to be a catalyst for change at a big company. He gave up in 2009 to go surfing. He is also a co-founder of Alite Designs working to refresh the outdoor consumer industry and is a Board member of Light & Motion building high-end dive housings and lighting and bike lights.

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Singularity University's Rob Nail

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