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Nick Day studied cinema at the British Film Institue and trained and worked as a video editor in London before relocating to New York City.

His productions credits include a diverse range of films, documentaries, news stories and commercials for international clients such as RAI Italy, ZDF Germany and Channel 4 UK.

Nick also co-produced the feature series "At The Movies", which was broadcast in Brazil and Italy, featuring Giovanna Calvino, Salman Rushdie and Isabella Rosellini.

Nick has written several screenplays, including The Fallen, which won him the screenwriter's award at the 2004 Breckenridge Film Festival.

Nick also serves on the board of HealthShare International as its vice president. In addition, he has worked with various Tibet support groups, helping to build two schools for Tibetan refugees in Nepal and India. He is a long time member of both International Campaign for Tibet and Amnesty International.

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