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Steve Perlman founded OnLive, a cloud-based gaming service that launched in 2009. An entrepreneur and inventor with over 100 patents to his credit, and another 100 pending, Perlman's innovations can be found in a vast number of personal technology products.

He joined Apple as a principle scientist in 1985, where he led development of multimedia technology for the Macintosh, including what would become the QuickTime video player. He later moved to General Magic and in 1994 started his first company, Catapult Entertainment. A year later he co-founded WebTV Networks, which was acquired by Microsoft, and in 2000 he founded the business incubator Rearden and the media center pioneer Moxi Digital.

Perlman started Mova in 2004 to develop advanced motion-capture technologies. Mova's Contour system was used to produce the computer-generated faces of Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk and Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which won an Academy Award for Visual Effects.

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