Speaker - Jordan Nasser

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One of the pillars of H&M’s company values, “We believe in people,” is a perfect summation of Jordan Nasser’s career at the global fashion retailer.

Originally hired in 1999 as one of the first 50 employees to open the first American flagship store, Mr. Nasser started creating window displays in New York and rose to be Global Head of Digital based in Stockholm. He oversees development of H&M’s digital properties, with an additional focus on future solutions to ensure a uniquely branded H&M user experience.

A pioneer in social media, H&M started its first Facebook page in 2007, with YouTube and Twitter following suit. Today, H&M has more than 2,800 stores in 50 markets, 14 million fans on Facebook, 32 million YouTube views, and more than 2 million Twitter followers globally—with even more innovations to come in the digital sphere of e-commerce and mobile commerce.

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