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Arkady Borkovsky is the chief technology officer of Yandex Labs based in Silicon Valley. Prior to joining Yandex in 2008, Arkady worked as applying linguistics search quality at Yahoo!, Inktomi, Verity and Wolfram Research. He is an expert in search relevance and statistical semantics. At Yahoo!, Arkady built query speller ("Did you mean:.." ) and search suggestions (Suggest). In late 80s, it was Arkady Borkovsky who, together with Arkady Volozh, founded Arkadia, the company which was developing search considering Russian morphology. Arkadia was Yandex's predecessor. Prior to Arkadia, he worked at AI Lab of Computer Center of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Arkady graduated from CS department of the Moscow State University.

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Data Exhaust: The Intersection of Search and Big Data

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